Friday 2 February 2024

Off to the Game Fair? Who isn't. It's huge, so if it's your first time (or you're just going for the day instead of camping out for the whole shebang) then you might need a plan. Here's our round-up of the brands not to miss.

1. Penelope Chilvers

This well-respected brand often worn by the Princess of Wales has had a bit of a revival of late. Head to the boot section for the best bits - their cowboy boots and mocassins are hand-crafted by artisans in Spain - and worn by everyone at Glasto this year.

2. Rey Pavon

Exquisite footwear and accessories from this Spanish brand - if you follow Andrea of @myshootingjourney on instagram then you'll likely already know of this brand as she is rarely seen without her Rey Pavon riding-style boots.

3. The Country Girls

If you haven't yet heard of the Countrygirls, I can only assume you do not have instagram. A lovely, fun, raucous bunch who encourage women to get into field sports by organising sim & game days. Their events are so fun - every event you're not at gives you FOMO. Go have a chat with their founder Tania and get involved - you'll come away with 50 new best friends.

4. Austuin

A newcomer to the scene, providing a refreshing change to the fur and tweed that's dominated for decades. This slow-fashion made-to-order British brand makes dresses for shooting and general country pursuits. .

5. Demijohn

They style themselves as "the world's first liquid deli" and that is why they make the list. Delicious things poured into refillable, reusable glass bottles and painted with handwritten font. Beautiful gifts and kind to the planet. 

6. Rigby & Co.

This company from the 1700s sells rifles and safaris - not exactly low-end stuff- but their stand is a must-visit. An old-school safari tent decked out in luxurious but rugged decor from a bygone era, you'll feel like you've stepped onto the set of Out of Africa. Definitely worth a browse.

7. Digby & Litten

Casualwear that's perfect for hanging out on the farm. Women's uptown shirts are a particular favourite.

8. Holland and Holland

This fine shotgun maker has an engraver working on-site which is always fascinating to watch - and it's often a woman too.

9. Holland Cooper

The definition of chic countrywear. This female-founded British brand will make you want to spend a small fortune.

10. Ankole

Beautiful horn pieces for the home. Each individual, striking piece is sustainably made by a family-run team in Uganda from Ankole cattle horns, a bi-product that would otherwise be burnt as waste. A really lovely company with great ethics, you'll want to buy everything.

11. Crow and Jester

Beautiful made-to-order tweed sets and shooting vests, with fun pops of colour if you like to stand out a little in the field.

12. Jarvis & Co.

This jeweller has a "country girl" collection that features a delicate bracelet in the shape of a 5-bar-gate in 9ct gold made-to-order with your choice of farmyard animals that costs £800. For this reason alone, it's on the list. If your budget is somewhat tighter they have shotgun studs at £50.

13. Arbor Shepherd Huts

Just because they are so cute. They usually have a pretty fun stand too. And maybe free champagne.

10. Activities

Lastly, make time for activities! There are a multitude of things to try, from shooting and fishing to driving 4x4s or watching cookery demonstrations. Book yourself in and learn something new - or just do it for the insta content. For the full list of this year's attractions, see here:

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